Apple Cider Jelly - fresh apple cider and a hint of cinnamon give this fall favorite its flavor. Lower sugar lets the flavor o the apple cider really shine.

Cranberry Orange Jam - won 1st place at CA State Fair - fresh cranberries and orange juice are a great combination in this jam. Very good as an accompaniment with ham

Fig Jam - Fresh local figs cut into large chunks

Raspberry Blackberry Cobbler Jam - juicy raspberries and blackberries are complemented by the spices to make this perfect cobbler jam. Tastes just like cobbler without the crust. Perfect over vanilla ice cream.

Summer Blueberry Pie Jam -    Lush blueberries and spice make this almost like biting into a piece of pie.

Summer Nectarine Jam - Local fruit picked at the peak of ripeness and less sugar make this jam taste like biting into a fresh nectarine.

Summer Four Berry Jam - Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries blend together to make this jam and unexpected treat.

Summer Strawberry Jam - delicious strawberries are the base of this jam. Grandchildren approved.

Low Sugar Jams

the flavor of the fruit really comes through with these recipe  that have more fruit than sugar.